Virtual fNIRS Training Course 2021 - Monday January 25th 2021 – Friday February 6th 2021

Virtual fNIRS Training Course 2021 - Monday January 25th 2021 – Friday February 6th 2021

11/01/2021 16:28:42 Author: Jackson Cionek

Virtual fNIRS Training Course 2021

 Two weeks of virtual content from leading fNIRS scientists and NIRx’ consultant team 


Monday January 25th 2021 – Friday February 6th 2021 

Welcome to the information page of the virtual fNIRS training course. Below you will find details about the schedule and speakers. Feel free to send any further questions you might have to

This training course will provide a solid foundation for early to mid-career academic researchers wishing to implement fNIRS technology within their own research explorations. This event will give attendees a thorough understanding of how to run a successful fNIRS experiment from selecting hypotheses and designing experiments, to analyzing results and publication. 



NIRx is honored to have Dr. Sato presenting his background and his transition to working with fNIRS from fMRI. He will also discuss fNIRS studies in naturalistic environments, and the future of the field.

+ Biography of Dr. João Ricardo Sato


Dr. Pinti will begin her talk discussing fNIRS preprocessing methods. She will then cover common approaches to fNIRS analysis, including block averaging, the general linear model and functional connectivity.

+ Biography of Dr. Paola Pinti

Dr. Brigadoi will give a presentation on optimal probe placement: Atlas tools, ROI analysis and automatic array design software.

+ Biography of Dr. Sabrina Brigadoi

Dr. Cutini will discuss the key concepts in designing an fNIRS paradigm. This will include stimulus timing & statistical efficiency and controlling for confounds in cognitive tasks.

+ Biography of Dr. Simone Cutini

Dr. Jessica Gemignani will present on the inclusion of 2nd level covariates in fNIRS studies to better explain observed variance.

+ Biography of Dr. Jessica Gemignani

Dr. Noman Naseer, a leader in his field with an extensive history of publication, will give an overview of leading fNIRS journals and discuss reviewer expectations regarding methods & results.

+ Biography of Dr. Noman Naseer

Meeting Hosting and Resources 

All sessions will be hosted on GoToWebinar, attendees will receive links before the sessions via email. NIRx will provide resources (recorded videos, webinars, etc.) leading up to the workshop; these resources will address background knowledge considerations and facilitate the overall flow of the event. Attendees to be given access preparatory material 2 weeks ahead of course start date. 

All are welcomed to attend, but please note, those in attendance should have some proficiency in research methods and statistics. The cost of attending this year’s workshop is $200.  We do wish to offer accessibility to all who wish to participate, especially in light of current economic conditions. Should you require a discounted attendance rate, please reach out to us at

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