Understanding NIRS fNIRS signal: guidelines to increase reproducibility

06/03/2022 06:23:41 Author: Jackson Cionek

This 2-day program provides an introduction to fNIRS, with hands-on in the use of NIRS instrumentation for motor and auditory research.
Lectures will show applications of motor and auditory fNIRS research, and the hands-on will provide recording and data analysis training.

Rickson Mesquita's lecture. Mr. Mesquita is a professor at the Physics Institute of the State University of Campinas, in São Paulo, Brazil. He has a degree in Physics and obtained a PhD in sciences from the same institution. He has worked as a visiting researcher at the Massachusetts General Hospital and as an associate researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. His current areas of expertise include biomedical optics, light transport in diffusive media, optical properties of tissues, functional spectroscopy and photodynamic therapy. Let us all welcome Mr. Mesquita.

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy
Auditory experimental design
Motor experimental design
fNIRS data processing and statistical analysis
Hands-on (recording fNIRS data, step-by-step processing and statistical group analysis)

NIRS fNIRS Webinars 2022

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