Free NIRS fNIRS Workshop Hands-on fNIRS 2023 UFABC

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NIRS fNIRS Neurociencia aplicada UFABC


Workshop Hands-on  fNIRS 2023 UFABC
Workshop Hands-on NIRS fNIRS UFABC neuroscience 2023 

Workshop Hands-on 

fNIRS 2023 - UFABC

All spoken presentation will be in Portuguese:

10:00 - Sistema NIRSports2 e Aurora para aquisição de dados de fNIRS.

11:00 - Softwares Satori e Turbo Satori para Análise de dados e Neurofeedback.

14:00 - Sistema Wings para aquisição simultânea de sinais periféricos (ECG, GSR,etc).

NIRS fNIRS for neuroscientific research

NIRS fNIRS for neuroscientific research

The NIRSport2 system is our most technologically advanced fNIRS platform with a range of features and functions unparalleled within the market. With the highest-class of components as our starting point we’ve engineered a system boasting impressive signal quality, extensive versatility, modularity, along with the foresight into future research needs to ensure the most optimal user experience and highest success in science possible.

NIRS fNIRS NIRScout  Powerful and Versatile fNIRS

NIRS fNIRS NIRScout  Powerful and Versatile fNIRS

sinceNSC 8 to 16 LED sources... until 
NSXP 8 to 64 Laser sources - tandem configuration

Since NSC 4 to 24 detectors... until
NSXP 4 to 64 detectors - tandem configuration

NIRS fNIRS from 8 to 80 sources and detectors

NIRS fNIRS from 8 to 80 sources and detectors

Modularity and Scalability
Modularity in divisions of 8 sources 8 detectors

Exceptional scalability from 8 - 80 sources and 8 - 80 detectors. 
The base device comes in 8 x 8 and 16 x 16.
Up to 5 devices can be fully synchronized.

NIRS fNIRS processing and analysis software

NIRS fNIRS processing and analysis software

As one of our aims is to make fNIRS data analysis accessible, we decided to create a free educational version of Satori.  Satori EDU has all the standard software features and has predefined datasets so this version can be used for educational purposes. This software version helps people learn fNIRS data analysis one step at a time. It comes with a Getting Started Guide that shows how to load and visualize your data, inspect the quality, preprocess, run statistical tests on the data, then extract your results.

Videos NIRS fNIRS  Educations Explained

Videos NIRS fNIRS  Educations Explained

NIRS fNIRS Scientific Question, Physical Principles Experimental Designs
Functional optical neuroimaging (fNIRS)

NIRS fNIRS devices - Near Infrared Spectroscopy - NIRS Brain Latam NIRS
Latam NIRS - Neuroimagem óptica funcional (fNIRS)
NIRS Research Field |  NIRS Neurodesenvolvimento
NIRS Neurociencia Social y Cognitiva
NIRS Análisis de Datos | NIRS Aplicações Clínicas
Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)
NIRS infrared spectroscopy | NIRS and neuroscience
NIRS and Music | NIRS Brain imaging fNIRS
BCI NIRS | EEG fNIRS | Infants NIRS Studies
EEG fNIRS Combined | Consciousness Neuroscience Behavior

NIRS fNIRS BCI Neurofeedback Turbo Satori

NIRS fNIRS BCI Neurofeedback Turbo Satori

Turbo-Satori is a user-friendly, real-time analysis software for functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) data. It is developed by Brain Innovation, exclusively for NIRx fNIRS instruments. Turbo-Satori is compatible with the NIRSport, NIRSport 2 and NIRScout device, and can be used in both lab-based as well as open environments (mobile studies). It integrates with NIRStar or Aurora fNIRS without the need for any additional hardware.

NIRS fNIRS Aurora NIRSport 2 Acquisition Software

NIRS fNIRS Aurora NIRSport 2 Acquisition Software

Aurora fNIRS ensures optimal signal quality before a measurement is started. Raw data, HbO and Hb concentration changes can be visualized in real-time in several display modes. In addition, high-end whole-head visualizations are immediately available. Recorded data can be exported over the integrated Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) protocol, allowing for real-time processing in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and Neurofeedback paradigms. 
Aurora fNIRS: revolutionary fNIRS acquisition software by NIRx, available for the NIRSport 2.



NIRx offers complete flexibility for montage definition.  One may place probes on the 'standard' (e.g, 10-20, 10-10, 10-5) layout or in arbitrary positions; one may use short-distance measurements (tomography) or fixed-distance measurements (topography); one may have integrated EEG or other modalities.

FALAN Neuroscience Latin America

FALAN Neuroscience Latin America

Promover el estudio y la investigación de la Neurociencia.
Fomentar la vinculación y el intercambio entre las entidades asociadas y los organismos nacionales, regionales e internacionales relacionados con la disciplina.

Propiciar y auspiciar las actividades científicas que las entidades asociadas puedan realizar.
Favorecer el desarrollo y consolidación de las Neurociencias en países emergentes.
Favorecer y promover la creación de nuevas sociedades de Neurociencias en los países de la Región.
Fomentar y recomendar lineamientos en la docencia de la Neurociencia a través de sus asociados.
Propiciar el intercambio de estudiantes y científicos e investigadores de la disciplina en la Región Latinoamericana, España, Portugal y El Caribe.

 Latin American Brain Initiative LATBrain

 Latin American Brain Initiative LATBrain

The LATBrain represents the union of more than 10 Latin American and Caribbean countries to strengthen the bridges of cooperation for the study of neurosciences. This collaboration aims to draw the bridges both for clinical (neurological and psychiatric) and basic studies for understanding the nervous system.

Brain Support  Brain Latam

Brain Support Brain Latam

Brain Support Solution for Neuroscience Researchers
BrainSupport Solution for Neuroscience Researchers – Neuroscience to improve Latin American Identity. Scientific questions and experimental designs for the development of culture, behavior, perception and Latin American consciousness.


Old Workshop:

O objetivo deste curso interativo híbrido é apresentar a fNIRS (espectroscopia funcional no infravermelho próximo): uma técnica de pesquisa em neuroimagem que mede a variação de concentração de oxigênio no cérebro, mas sem impor as restrições de uma ressonância magnética, podendo inclusive ser utilizada em ambientes externos.

Serão abordados os princípios da técnica e aplicações já publicadas.
Haverá uma sessão de discussão sobre possíveis desenhos experimentais, com interação informal entre os participantes e os palestrantes.

10Feb22: NIRS fNIRS free course in Portalinradiando: Pergunta científica e desenho experimental

Physiology of the BOLD effect – Paula Arantes

introduction of functional near-infrared spectroscopy – Maria Adelia
Challenges of ecological experiments with fNIRS 
How to explore the hemodynamic signal outside of MRI – João Sato

Use of fNIRS for clinical research – Elisa Kozasa
Clinical Question and Brain Storming – All
fNIRS data processing – Paulo Bazán/Maria Adélia


This 2-day program provides an introduction to fNIRS, with hands-on in the use of NIRS instrumentation for motor and auditory research.
Lectures will show applications of motor and auditory fNIRS research, and the hands-on will provide recording and data analysis training.

  • Functional near-infrared spectroscopy
  • Auditory experimental design
  • Motor experimental design
  • fNIRS data processing and statistical analysis
  • Hands-on (recording fNIRS data, step-by-step processing and statistical group analysis)

Invited Speakers
  • Alexander von Lühmman - Boston Uni/NIRX (Germany)
  • João Sato - UFABC (Brazil)
  • Maria Adélia Aratanha - NIRX (Germany)
  • Rickson Mesquita - Unicamp (Brazil)
  • Silvia Benavides-Varela - Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy)
  • Judit Gervain - Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy)

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