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Workshop - Basic ERP and ERD/ERS analysis using MNE-Python and MNELAB
Speaker: Clemens Brunner
University of Graz, Austria
About speaker
Clemens Brunner is a senior scientist with a background in electrical/biomedical engineering and computer engineering. Currently working at the Educational Neuroscience group at the Institute of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria.

His interests include neuroscientific substrates of number processing and arithmetic, EEG oscillations and connectivity analysis, biomedical signal processing, applied machine learning and statistics, brain-computer interfaces, and software development. A big fan of open source software, Clemens believes that science should be open as well, including data and analysis scripts. Python is his favorite language, but he also enjoys performing data analysis and statistical tests with R (thanks in particular to its awesome Tidyverse) as well as Julia

Clemens maintains and develops MNELAB (a graphical user interface for processing EEG/MEG data using MNE), the Qt/C++ based biosignal visualization tool SigViewer, SCoT (a Python package for EEG-based source connectivity estimation), and XDF.jl (a Julia package for reading XDF files)and is part of the MNE and pyXDF development teams and has also contributed to numerous open source projects such as scikit-learn, pandas, PsychoPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, pybv, and BioSig
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